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Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Property

Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Property

October 29, 2018 |

Selling your luxury home takes a team of professionals that work to bring the right buyer to your doorstep. Many homeowners focus on the inside spaces of their home with interior decorators and painting specialists to help decide what color to paint a wall. However, the exterior of your home should be equally as grand and impressive to justify your asking price. Consider these landscaping trends that increase the value of your property to get the most for your luxury home.

876 Muskingum Avenue

The exterior of your home should be equally as grand and impressive to justify your asking price. (SFJ Group – 876 Muskingum Avenue)

Hire A Landscape Architect
Landscape architects are well educated and hold degrees that go well above and beyond the usual maintenance that the lawn and garden require. Hiring a professional to design the exterior parts of your home will be well worth the investment. A landscape architect’s vast knowledge of gardening tips, as well as their eye for design in choosing the correct plants, will frame your home in a way that will quickly increase your property value. Be careful when hiring a landscape designer in the state of California as they aren’t required to have the same kind of education, experience, and licensing as a landscape architect.

Consider Xeriscaping
This hot landscaping trend is becoming very popular in California as well as all around the country. Xeriscaping involves planting a garden full of native plants that require little to no maintenance. These areas of your yard will usually include less grass and more inorganic mulch like pebbles, rocks, or stone. The plants involved in a xeriscape will be those that already do well in your region. They will be significantly drought resistant which will appeal to those homeowners looking for a low maintenance garden. Xeriscaping your entire yard isn’t necessary but choosing to cut down on grass space and replace it with environmentally friendly options like xeriscaping is a great way to boost property value.

Include Interesting Hardscapes
Anyone can pour a concrete walkway or patio, but luxury homes should include hardscaped areas that are textured and carefully designed to fetch the highest asking price. There are many different types of concrete that your Landscape Architect can install in your yard: from stamped to textured to stained. Some of the best outdoor areas of luxury homes include hardscaped walkways and living spaces that include such an intricate design that the ground could be considered art itself. Consider raising the level of the hardscaped areas of your yard to upgrade your outdoor spaces.

Appeal to The Senses
Your landscaping should be visually appealing as well as stimulate other senses. Consider adding a fountain within your yard that will offer soothing sounds of running water or a bubbling brook. Other ways to incorporate different each sense include planting fragrant flowers near high traffic areas of the yard including walkways, outdoor dining tables, and near entry and exit doors. Appealing to human senses will help create an overall picture of how a future buyer can use the space in the future.

Support Wildlife
This landscaping trend can help raise the property value of your home as many people want to enjoy the aspects of nature while in the yard. Choose plants and trees that will attract wildlife such as birds to support the local environment. Attract them with bird feeders that are placed strategically throughout the yard and not too close to living areas to keep the mess away. Other ways to support wildlife in your yard is to plant pollinator plants that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Bringing life to your outdoor area will help potential buyers fall in love with your home.

Add Purple Plants
One of the hottest landscaping trends involves the addition of purple plants to an outdoor space. Purple is a color associated with royalty making this an excellent option for a luxury yard and garden. Consider choosing purple plants that are native to the Beverly Hills areas, including Showy Penstemon and Snapdragons, will help ensure that the plants will thrive within your garden. Pair purple colored plants with accents of red and yellow plants to create an impressive landscape.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best trends to incorporate into your home’s landscaping. Consider hiring a landscape architect that can help guide you through these landscaping trends and help you decide what would be best for your property. Choosing one or all of these landscaping trends can increase the value of your property to get you the highest offer when selling your luxury home.

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