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Reaching New Heights

First published in LA Dreams

Sally Forster Jones and her team build a legacy of service and success.

She’s seen the real estate industry inside-and-out. As an expert and highly-skilled professional, she operates at the highest level of residential luxury with her capable team. Our interview with Sally Forster Jones examines her career in real estate, the international buying trends that Los Angeles experiences, and what the future holds for this industry icon.

Q: Talk to us about the early days in your real estate career. How did you get started, and when did you know that the luxury market was your niche?

SFJ: My foray into real estate started in my 20s. With the little money I could gather, from savings and borrowing from family, I put down as little as possible to buy my first home – a real fixer upper. Two years later, after making improvements to the property, I was able to sell it for nearly a 50% return! You could imagine how absolutely exciting that was for me being so young. I took the modest proceeds from this first sale and used it to purchase 10 little houses applying a similar strategy. That’s when I just knew in my heart that I had found my calling and it wasn’t long after I got my real estate license, formally launching my career.

Over the 80’s and 90’s my expertise started to quickly expand from residential to include commercial, development, property management and mortgages. By the late 90s, my business had grown to become a key player in the marketplace whereupon I made the decision to merge my residential company with Fred Sands’ brokerage and center my focus on residential real estate.

How did I know that the luxury market was my niche? As my career progressed, I noticed that the standard of service I provided particularly resonated with buyers and sellers of luxury homes. Having a personal appreciation and intuition for upscale residential aesthetic, it felt like a natural fit and here we are now.


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