Luxury Real Estate

Sally Forster Jones understands extraordinary homes are in a class by themselves. Much more than simply places to live, they define a lifestyle. Luxury residences appeal to an elite and discerning group of buyers who set the standards for style, elegance, sophistication and seek residences in coveted locations around the world.

Each extraordinary estate deserves nothing less than exceptional representation. The Sally Forster Jones team has the ability to bring each property to a global audience with discretion, taste and visionary marketing. Sally Forster Jones Group has connections with the most affluent home buyers from coast to coast and abroad—a global advantage unmatched by local or regional specialty brokers.

It’s who we know that enables us to consistently achieve exceptional results in the luxury home market.
sally forster jones

Sally Forster Jones

Sally Forster Jones is widely considered an authority on the U.S. real estate luxury market. President of Aaroe International Luxury Properties and specializing in luxury real estate, Sally Forster Jones has achieved approximately $4 billion in real estate sales over her career and represents exquisite properties including co-brokering the sales transaction for the Spelling Manor – which is one of the highest known residential real estate brokerage sales in Los Angeles. Read More